MathCoRe Kickoff
MathCoRe Kickoff
Vince Ebert

The Kickoff of the MathCore Research Training Group is scheduled for June 6, 17h, until open end. It will take place in the Festung Mark in Magdeburg.

Our distinguished speakers are Bernd Sturmfels and Vince Ebert.

The preliminary program is the following.

  • 17h00 Start
  • 18h00 Welcome, Introduction to Research Training Group (Sebastian Sager)
  • 18h20 Welcome (Rektorat)
  • 18h30 On the quadratic equation (Bernd Sturmfels)
  • 19h15 Break
  • 19h45 The logo of MathCoRe (Volker Kaibel)
  • 20h00 Big Dadaismus (Vince Ebert)
  • 21h00 Open End Party

Bernd Sturmfels: On the quadratic equation
Bernd Sturmfels

High school students learn how to express the solution of a quadratic equation in one unknown in terms of its three coefficients. This lecture asks the why question, and it offers an emphatic answer, by discussing the nature of mathematics and its non-linear models. Many colourful pictures offer a first glimpse into applied algebraic geometry.

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currently no upcoming news