The MaRDI@MathCoRe open 1-Day Workshop on mathematical research data management
The MaRDI@MathCoRe open 1-Day Workshop on mathematical research data management

Every researcher in every research discipline has research data. Only, you may not call it data (yet).

To come up with new math results, one digs out previous results, performs own observations and thought experiments, tries and fails many times until a proof is completed, uses a little help from colleagues, and maybe runs a numerical simulation. Isn't all this just collecting data?

In this 1 day course that was specifically designed for researchers in math, we will learn and experience what is mathematical research data and how we can organize, document, and possibly publish it.

All for the greater good and for really concrete and immediate benefits for yourself, the colleagues, and the research community.


  • Dr. Christiane Görgen (Uni Leipzig)
  • Tabea Bacher (Uni Leipzig)


Time Event
09:00 Lecture: What is research data?
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Lecture: Good scientific practice
12:30 (sponsored) lunch at pizzeria
14:00 Hands on: Reproducibility
15:30 Coffee break
16:00 Lecture: Good repositories
17:30 Snacks and drinks


OVGU Magdeburg, G02-210 (the "common room")


November 23rd, 2023


Registration - link to the ovgu-cloud is now open. Please register before October 8th.

Please note:

  • everyone who deals with math (Bachelor, Master, PhD, Postdoc, faculty, other) is invited (MathCoRe or not)
  • the workshop is followed by a Barcamp which you are invited to attend as well
  • the registration form has both options, please select (and ignore the fields that don’t apply)
  • as always, ask Thomas K. or Jan H. about everything related or unrelated to the workshop


  • Tabea Bacher (Uni Leipzig)
  • Christiane Görgen (Uni Leipzig)
  • Jan Heiland (OVGU/MPI)
  • Thomas Kahle (OVGU)
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