Summer Term 2022

The fellow's seminar takes place on Mondays, 13h00 in Room G02-210. (LSF). It starts on April 15th.

You can use the new MathCoRe beamer theme.

  • Apr 06th 2022Kirill Kukharenko: Polygon Extensions with Small Diameter
  • Apr 13th 2022Joshua Maglione: Groups, tensors, and zeta functions
  • Apr 20th 2022Suleyman Yildiz: A globally energy preserving reduced-order model for cubic Hamiltonian systems
  • Apr 27th 2022Martyna Soszynska: Stability and Adaptivity for Coupled Systems
  • May 04th 2022Igor Pontes Duff Pereira: Full state approximation using Gramian based Galerkin¬†projection for linear and stochastic dynamical systems
  • May 11th 2022Yongho Kim: Convolutional Autoencoders and Clustering for Low-dimensional Parametrization of Incompressible Flows
  • May 25th 2022Andreas Kretschmer: How many cubic surfaces are tangent to 19 general lines?
  • Jun 01st 2022Torsten Reuter: A Review on Subsampling Methods for Big Data Linear Regression
  • Jun 08th 2022Ion Victor Gosea: Data-driven reduced-order modeling from frequency response measurements
  • Jun 15th 2022Daria Shaydurova: The TSSOS method with subiterations
  • Jun 22nd 2022Dimitrios Karachalios: From i/o data to reduced nonlinear models through identification
  • Jul 06th 2022Jennifer Przybilla: Damping Position Optimization in Mechanical Systems
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currently no upcoming news