Summer Term 2023

The fellow's seminar takes place on Mondays, 13h00 in Room G02-210. (LSF). It starts on April 15th.

You can use the new MathCoRe beamer theme.

  • Apr 12th 2023Joshua Maglione: Simultaneous Sylvester Systems & Symmetries
  • Apr 19th 2023Kirill Kukharenko: Polytope Extensions with Linear Diameters
  • Apr 26th 2023Thomas Richter: What is... Navier-Stokes equations?
  • May 10th 2023Felix Reinbott: Statistics of extremes
  • May 24th 2023Sarah Feldmann: The spread dimension
  • May 31st 2023Yongho Kim: Convex Combination-based Autoencoders for Model Order Reduction
  • Jun 07th 2023Torsten Reuter: D-optimal Subsampling Design (and what is D-optimality?)
  • Jun 14th 2023Anja Jan├čen: What is... Markov chains?
  • Jul 05th 2023Daria Shaydurova: Moment and SOS relaxations for sparse POPs
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currently no upcoming news